pubblicato il 17 luglio 2014

Greensys 2015

International Symposium on New Technologies and Management for Greenhouses

   The GreenSys2015 - International Symposium on New Technologies and Management for Greenhouses, will be held in Évora, Portugal, between 19 and 23 of July 2015.

   This event is an opportunity to bring together researchers, technicians, academics, and other professionals to exchange knowledge, ideas, to present innovations and to discuss the state of the art and future perspectives for the greenhouse sector.

   The thematic areas will cover new technologies and management for greenhouses, namely: crop modelling; climate control and modelling; covering materials; equipment, robotic and automation; energy; greenhouse management and product quality; sustainable production; greenhouse systems and design; fertigation, water and growing medium management; CFD; plant protection; semi-protected cultivation systems (high tunnels); light use in greenhouses; and environmental impacts.

Rural Engineering Department, School of Sciences and Technology, Évora University, Apartado 94, 7002-504 Évora, Portugal
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Symposium secretariat
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